IT Training TV Ad Research

IT Training TV Ad Research

The UK’s longest established provider of IT training courses approached us to test advertising concepts amongst their target audience prior to commissioning their new TV advertising and print media campaign.

What We Did

We conducted face to face depth interviews with respondents fitting our clients target profile across the country to get an idea of what advertising they liked and what really motivated them to consider both IT training and then a subsequent career change to the IT sector.

What We Found

Motivation and tastes varied considerably across the Country, however common factors included a desire to have a career as opposed to a job, coupled with higher earning potential and greater job security. The research indicated that the advertising had to tread a fine line between motivating prospective customers sufficiently to entice them to consider a career in IT whilst not denigrating their existing role to such an extent that the ads alienated them completely.

What Happened Next

Our client used our findings to drive their TV and Media Marketing campaigns, the client was delighted with the research and initial feedback on the ads’ effectiveness looks promising.