When you run a commercial radio station with 244,000 potential listeners in your region how do you find out who your listeners actually are? What they really think of the station, what they love about you and what they would change about you if they could?

What we did

We conducted on street interviews at the three major towns in the region, capturing the views of people from all walks of life. Piecing the jigsaw together allowed us to build up a picture of the stations listeners, from their demographic profile through to whether they preferred Jay Z to Christina Aguilera!

What we found

Hertbeat FM was the second most popular station across the region, just pipped to the top spot by Radio 1, the good news was over three quarters of those questioned were aware of the station and nearly half of the people we spoke to listened in. The smash hits for the station were the musical mix and the presenters, with the non-movers being the advertising and local sport however more than half of the listeners we spoke to thought the station was moving up the charts in terms of its overall performance.

Well this is how they saw it!

"The research was just what we wanted - and gave us some great stats to work with. Amazingly I met someone just minutes ago that had been stopped in Stevenage Old town and interviewed by one of your people!! We'll be back in touch at the end of this year to do it again! Thanks."

-- Brett Harley DJ & Station Manager