Staff Catering Satisfaction Research

A move to a new flagship office and rumoured rumblings of discontent re the staff restaurant lead the UK’s 4th largest provider of social housing to commission research in order to gauge their staff’s level of satisfaction with the Head Office catering provision, both for the staff restaurant and on-site hospitality service.

What We Did

Self catering Satisfaction Research

Conducting intercepts (mini face to face depth interviews) randomly amongst diners at the restaurant (once they’d finished eating of course!) was a great way to get instantaneous feedback…some good, some not so good.

A wide range of users were questioned giving a mix of age, gender, seniority, ethnicity and those with special dietary requirements. The hospitality service was assessed by interviewing senior members of staff who commission the service regularly to cater for meetings.

What We Found

Overall the restaurant was rated very highly by the staff with just a few niggles that detracted from the experience. Hot meals were great, the staff were friendly and the place was clean…however this cleanliness lead to users feeling the place was almost clinical in nature lacking the atmosphere and warmth that had been such a part of the ‘old’ staff restaurant, this coupled with sandwich fillings and vegetarian fare that never varied, overpriced fruit and the lack of a breakfast provision was proving hard to digest! The hospitality service was praised for its range of beverages, food presentation and discrete staff who provided an efficient, punctual service, however, all this good work was let down by poor quality food that involved a lengthy bureaucratic ordering process.

What Happened Next

The client took on board our findings and instigated a number of changes, introducing a breakfast service along with an increased range of sandwiches and vegetarian options. The sterile restaurant environment was made more homely by the novel approach of a staff competition to come up with ideas for a theme to instil some warmth into the facility.