Types of Market Research

Cogent Research establishes a clear, agreed objective with you, and this governs the research methods we use.

Research uses primary or secondary sources of data.

Primary research derives data directly from the respondent, while secondary research sources information from third parties, such as statistical bodies or record offices, often using the Internet to gather data.

There are two types of market research – qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative seeks qualification or validation of data. More “touchy-feely” than quantitative, it provides an insight into the thinking or decision-making process of those questioned.

Quantitative seeks quantity of data. It’s all about numbers and measurement – how many respondents agree or disagree, do something or do not.

The two types are often combined. For example, qualitative research will say why customers are unhappy with a store layout, while quantitative will seek to find out how many like or dislike it.

The different types of market research use different methodologies, all of which Cogent Research can efficiently adopt for you. Click here to find out more.