Welcome to Cogent Research

Market research gives organisations power.

It grants exclusive insight into what makes people important to them tick.

It makes organisations more informed, so they make better decisions.

It improves understanding, so decision-makers enjoy greater confidence that their organisation is heading in the right direction.

Cogent Research gives organisations this power.

  • We tell them what existing customers think, so they better serve them.
  • We provide the information organisations need to inform strategy and improve performance through enhanced structure and focus.
  • We can describe how stakeholders view organisations now, and how they may behave in the future. 

Cogent Research is a Wales-based market research consultancy. Its leader and founder is a member of the Market Research Society.

We work for public sector organisations, private companies and non-profit enterprise, nationally and internationally. No matter how big or small, market research from Cogent Research will empower your organisation and help it prosper.